Take Back your Health

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Whats Mahm?

Dealing with the healthcare system can sometimes be difficult or intimidating.

We believe it doesn't have to be.
Whether it was making appointments, dealing with insurance, record keeping, or just checking on your sense of your wellbeing-- Mahm does it all.

We started Mahm to put the you, the patient, first in healthcare again. Mahm gives you the tools you need to be the manager of your own health.

Take back your health today.

Automatic booking

Mahm is your interface to the entire healthcare system. Need to book an appointment with your existing provider? No problem. Need to find a new Dentist in your network? We got you.

Your Personal EHR

Your records, all in one place. It's your data.
We think you should have control of it. Mahm keeps track of everything you've ever done medically. All your vaccinations, checkups, and major procedures are stored in Mahm, not your doctor's filing cabinet.

Insurance Interface

Nobody likes dealing with their insurance company. Mailing in a reimbursement form? Annual deductible -- what? Who has time for all that?
We do the tedious things for you like getting your reimbursements sorted out with your insurance provider so you can get on with your life.

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Shouldn't healthcare be easier by now?

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